ARTICLE INFORMATION: Author: Loh Kwek Leong Title: How to Make a Spawning Mop The breeding Koi fish will view the spawning mops as floating plants and most likely choose them as breeding site. Has anyone here ever used ordinary mop heads as Koi spawning media. Collecting and saving the eggs buried in the plants is a tough task. Late spring or early summer is the best time to induce Koi to breed.

I am using mop heads now; however, they keep floating. The East Riding Koi Co are specialists in Koi Pond Filtration Units which are without doubt the most important part about any successful Koi Pond Installation. Many of the different Killifish spawn in thick areas of plants. Pond Fish Spawning Brush 150cm x 14cm (Pack of 2) Koi spawning occurs best during specific periods of the year, following the pattern of their wild carp ancestors.
The spawning pond does

Pictures would be awesome
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